You don't have to brush all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.

Dr. Michael Laszynski D.D.S.

Donald G. Musselman D.D.S

Dentist cleaning a child's teeth dentist checking teeth with tools
Toothpaste and many types of toothbrushes

Preventative measures

How we make sure your teeth stay healthy

Keeping your teeth looking and feeling healthy, one procedure at a time

The more you visit the dentist to make sure every little thing is going to be all right, the less your visits will involve major procedures. The best medicine is preventative medicine, and your teeth are no exception to this long-standing rule.

Our preventative dentistry services

Your friendly neighborhood dentist

 •  Oral exams and check-ups

 •  Teeth cleanings

 •  Digital x-rays

 •  Tooth polishing

 •  General oral hygiene advice

 •  Fluoride treatments

 •  Sealant applications

 •  Fillings

 •  Mouth guards

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