You don't have to brush all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.

Dr. Michael Laszynski D.D.S.

Donald G. Musselman D.D.S

Kid brushing her teeth
Dentist analyzing report
Dentist checking kid's teeth

Alleviate all those fears

Bring kids to the dentist at an early age

Make the dentist a part of your kids' lives so their teeth will thank you later on

When you bring kids to the dentist by toddlerhood, it becomes something they are used to and not something they fear. Let Dr. Musselman DDS and Dr. Michael Laszynski DDS become a part of your kids' lives, so a trip to the dentist is something they look forward to and do not dread.

Our pediatric dental services

All those little dental extras

 •  Regular cleanings

 •  Dental care education

 •  Fluoride treatments

 •  TMJ appliances and treatment

 •  Fillings

 •  Halitosis treatment

 •  Non-surgical gum treatments

 •  Toddler check-ups

 •  X-rays

Adults need their teeth taken care of as well. Whether you need a check-up or dentures, we can help. Your teeth deserve the best and Dr. Musselman DDS and Dr. Michael Laszynski DDS is the one who can do it.


Read on to learn more about our restorative dental procedures. What you once dreaded can now be done with ease and speed, thanks to experience and technology.

Dental care with a relaxed and hometown atmosphere!

Bring in the kids!